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Dick Wick Hall

founder of ~

Salome "Where She Danced" Arizona

"Arizona's most Famous Humorist".... Publisher of the "Salome Sun" 1925 - 1926.... Owner of the "Laughing Gas" Gas Station .... Creator of "That Salome Frog" & the "Greasewood Golf Lynx".... Published in the Saturday Evening Post.... Author of a syndicated column in 28 newspapers from New York to California 1925 - 1926.... Co-editor of the Wickenburg News-Herald, 1901.


Just published - The Laughing Desert: Dick Wick Hall’s Salome Sun.

Dick Wick Hall's Salome Sun For the first time since the 1920s,The Laughing Desert presents the thirty-two editions of the 1925-1926 Salome Sun by Arizona humorist and the “sage of Salome” Dick Wick Hall and artist Claude G. “Put” Putnam. The nationally syndicated weekly newspaper packed with stories, poems, down home philosophy and Put’s illustrations made the town of Salome famous. Hall poked fun at bankers, Wall Street, all forms of pretension and even himself. This book also includes previously unpublished photos of Salome and the Hall family, love poems from Dick to his wife, Daysie Sutton Hall, plus images of Arizona's McMullen Valley in the 1920s. Historian Robin R. Cutler places the newspaper in its historical context and includes an epilogue about her grandfather’s enduring legacy. Arizona’s Official State Historian and prolific author Marshall Trimble provides a Foreword.

available at the following locations: Amazon ~ CreateSpace & Harcuvar Office Worx in Salome

"When the blossom graced the cactus and the fields were sweet with hay, when the birds were singing in the trees, a genius passed away." (excerpt from his daughters eulogy, which she wrote at the age of eleven - Jane Hall Cutler)

Dick Wick Hall and his famous frog as C.G. "Put" Putnam pictured them in this illustration from the Ghost Town News, June 1946. Mr. Hall died on April 28, 1926. Dick Wick Hall's grave site is located on Center Street in Salome, next to where the old "Salome Sun" building used to be.

In 1999 the Greasewood Golf Course was dedicated in honor of Dick Wick Hall and his 1920's Greasewood Golf Lynx. Dick Wick Hall's Granddaughter and Great Granddaughter from Washington DC both attended the ceremony.

Many stories have been told of this unique man, and in his time, this man told many of his own unique stories. His history is full and diverse and volumes have been written about him. At the request of the Saturday Evening Post, he wrote an article about himself for publication in their "Short Turns and Encores" section. This particular excerpt about Salome is very touching ~

"This valley, about fifteen miles wide and forty miles long, lying between the Harqua Hala and the Harcuvar Mountains, appealed to me strangely the first time I came to it; not only its abundant warmth but the wonderful peace and quiet of it, which only a dweller of the desert can understand and appreciate. ....., ........ where I can get acquainted with myself and maybe find the something which every man in his own soul is consciously or unconsciously searching for - Himself."

His granddaughter, Robin R. Cutler recently wrote -

"Like other Southwestern humorist, Dick Wick Hall had a vivid imagination. His work is full of exaggeration and satire. Some of his targets were human nature, Easterners, Westerners, prospecting, and his beloved town of Salome which he promoted by making fun of it. Hall misspelled words deliberately and used capital letters indiscriminately. He said he had learned to type on a typewriter that had "lost a Lot of Its teeth." He then decided he liked the way his pages looked when he could "break the monotony of so many Little Letters."

Newly published blog by Dick Wick Hall's Granddaughter, Robin Cutler

Salome was established in 1904 with the help of Charles W. Pratt in the area that Dick Wick Hall liked to call "Happy Valley". It was during that time that Mrs. (Salome) Pratt attempted to walk on the hot desert sand in her bare feet and proceeded to "dance" to her destination. There and then Dick Wick Hall name the town "Salome - where she danced - Arizona". There is a biblical "Salome" that danced for her king, and although there is not a connection written, it seems that the well educated and diverse Dick Wick Hall must have known the story.

The Salome Frog is one of many famous characters created by Mr. Hall. The story goes ~ I'm seven years old and I cannot swim- so don't blame me for looking grim. .....And folks haul water in railroad trains, while I sit and dream of the summer rains ......You can't kid me about this desert land, where Salome danced on the red hot sand........They say it rained, and it may again.......I'm an old bull frog - and dang my hide, I can't swim because I never have tried......(excerpts from the poem "That Salome Frog" by Dick Wick Hall).


This bronze statue was created by Jeff Skelley to honor Dick Wick Hall's "Greasewood Golf Course" and Jeff's love of Cowboy Golf.

According to Dick Wick Hall, his "natural nineteen hole greasewood golf course" was 6,429 rods long - just a little over 20 miles - and needed caddies on horseback to carry supplies. As written by Mr. Hall in the 1920's- "I got a letter the other day from Red Katem, who owns the Bermuda Ranch and is just learning. He was out at the 11th Hole and wrote in asking me to send him out a barrel of water, a slab of bacon, some beans and 3 dozen more balls. Red never has got all the way around yet, but he keeps on trying."

Jeff Skelley's website

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